Start Your Own Quilting Business: Wall Hangings

By: Penny Halgren

If you love applique quilting, why not start your quilting business by targeting the niche market of quilted wall hangings?

Your quilted wall hanging business could be run several ways. You could concentrate on children's appliqu?all hangings (which might even be used as baby quilts if sized right). The various forms of Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam patterns are obvious traditional favorites.

If you feel comfortable creating your own applique designs, you can truly create a unique wall hanging business. Children's coloring books or simple clip art designs are a great place to start for applique design inspiration. Virtually anything can become an appliqu?esign for your quilted wall hangings!

Following the same applique design approach above, you could build your quilted wall hanging business to target home decor for adults. Look through home accessory departments, catalogs, and magazines to get ideas of current trends. Cats, chickens, ladies' high heel shoes are all popular themes for women. Trends for men include sports, cars, motorcycles, etc. Simple designs make the best appliques for your quilted wall hangings!

Another approach to starting a quilted wall hanging business is to sell to businesses and industries. Use a company's logo to create an applique quilted wall hanging. Make a sample or two ahead. Perhaps you could make one for your public library or favorite local school to show as a sample. Once you've used them in your sales calls, donate them to the school or library. Your work will be on display, which will give additional credibility to your quilted wall hanging business!

Another sales tactic when approaching businesses is to have a sample for that particular business on paper. Don't worry about taking time to quilt and actual wall hanging. Chances are the business might want to change the wall hanging's size, dimensions or color scheme.

Once you've decided which customers to target, you should plan how to reach those potential customers. Fliers are always a good choice, no matter which avenue you take. And make sure you have professionally printed business cards.. If you believe your local card printer is too expensive, there are many companies like online that offer quality service at a reasonable price.

With fliers and business cards, you are ready to get your business started! If you are targeting the children's market, get your advertising materials into children's clothing stores and plan to set up at craft shows or children's consignment events.

If it's the adult home decor market you plan to target, be at all the big craft shows in your area. Team up with local decorators and floral designers.

For the business target market direct sales is probably the best approach, especially as you start your quilted wall hanging business. Setting up a booth at business expos and various community events would be another good way to reach your potential customers.

Online advertising is great for all three target markets. Make time to put your ad in the right spot. Take advantage of all the free online advertising you can find!

If you plan to build a website to sell your products online, ask your favorite sites if they'd provide a link to your website. If you're selling quilted wall hangings geared toward children, try to get linked on parenting websites and blogs.

If you target adult home decor, try to get your website linked on websites or blogs that deal with home decorating or renovating.

Links with business customers could be anything because anyone who has a logo is your potential customer!