Tradition has it that students should bring an apple to a teacher to win her (or his) favor. Why not give your child's teacher an apple that they can keep forever, and possibly pass onto their future generation?


This quilt with an apple is simple to make, and involves every child in the class.


Quilters are frequently in search of new and interesting ways of combining blocks into a quilt. Often the blocks are different sizes, and so the question is asked:


"How Can I Combine Different Sized Blocks in my Quilt?"


Q: I recently downloaded the free pattern for the Irish Chain quilt. However, I didn't get any instructions, I need to know how much fabric to buy for a full / queen size quilt, how to put the blocks together, etc. Thank you for your help. I am a fairly new quilter and having a great time learning!!!
Sheila Kiker


A: Thanks for your question. The Irish Chain quilt is a perfect project for a beginner quilter, since it is made with just squares, and can be made using only two or three fabrics.


Q: I have embroidered some blocks for my grandson, and would like to make a quilt with them. I will be using a 61/2" x10 1/2" block if you could figure the quilt The batting is 96"x108." Sorry is that the size I make the quilt??


How many blocks plus sashing around each block in fabric do I need? I will be using a different color for the sashing.



Questions from Quilters


Dear Girls,  


Many quilters write in saying that they want to know the best way to layer their quilt so that they don't end up with puckers or bulges after the quilt is quilted.


While I still haven't worked out a method to guarantee no puckers or bulges after machine quilting, using this method to layer your quilt for hand quilting will assure that your finished quilt will be smooth.


Q: How do you start sewing through the three layers and know they will all fit together in the end? I have done a quilt with no border, but trying to sew the lines over my squares and the backing is too big.


How do I make sure they are all the right size, as I have no really big surface to lay it all out. The lounge floor is the only place and not ideal as I cannot walk around it. Any help would be appreciated.